Tips for Epoxy Garage Flooring

Tips for Epoxy Garage Flooring

As the leading provider of high-quality floor protectants in Wisconsin, our project planners and technicians at Armor Coating entertain hundreds of requests from residents and business owners for maintenance tips for epoxy garage flooring. They want their indoor and...

How To Maintain a Shiny Epoxy Garage Floor

Given the tough stains, tire marks, and other abuse garage floors experience, how do you maintain a shiny epoxy garage floor? Applying epoxy floor coatings leaves your concrete surfaces with a unique glossy finish that adds elegance. However, many homeowners often...

4 Main Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Floor Coatings

At Armor Coatings Co., our licensed technicians and designers work on hundreds of requests from residents and business owners looking to upgrade garage floor coatings and paintwork. We are proud to be the most reliable provider of polyaspartic and polyurea coatings in...

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Patio

The cold temperatures of winter can cause unnecessary damage to your concrete patio and other outdoor living pieces. If you have a concrete patio, it helps to know how to winterize it. But how do you ensure that your concrete patio can withstand the chilly winter...

How Long Does a Polyaspartic Floor Coating Last

Polyaspartic floor coatings offer cutting-edge topcoat floor protection. Originally created to protect steel from corrosion, polyaspartic coatings now help safeguard many facilities’ floors from the daily challenges of heavy traffic, spills, and general wear and tear....

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