Steps and Porch Coatings: A Guide to Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

How Do You Prepare a Garage Floor for Polyurea Coatings?

When applying garage floor coatings, preparation ensures the coatings adhere properly and promotes a higher quality, longer-lasting concrete coating. Preparation is critical to a successful high gloss application; you cannot skip it. While you can apply polyurea or...

Do Polyaspartic Coatings Turn Yellow?

No, polyaspartic coatings do not turn yellow with age or UV exposure. The confusion comes from the similarities between polyaspartic coatings and epoxy and polyurethane coatings, which are both more likely to turn yellow over time. To best understand why polyaspartic...

How Do You Get Rid of Salt Pit Damage on Concrete?

During winter, road salts from your tires, footwear, and other materials fall onto your concrete flooring. While this salt encourages safer driving and helps keep roads clear, it causes severe damage to your floors over time. The team at Armor Coating Co. is here to...

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